Whats a Hermetic Feedthrough Used for? – Reference Books Online


The components are more readily available commercially for manufacturers of these fields throughout the US. They’re resilient parts. What exactly are hermetic feedthroughs you ask?

A feedthrough connects to two boards of circuits. These feedthroughs act as electrical conductors for diverse environmental barriers. The type of feedthrough you’ve got it can transmit low current and low voltage electrical signals. Also, it can transmit high voltage or high current electrical signals.

This particular kind of feedthrough is called a hermetic. This type of sealing seals the connector in totality and makes it airtight. The connector is safe from harsh environments and conditions that are not suitable for it. Hermetic sealings are constructed from epoxy resin, which can be used to seal gases, as well as some fluids. Glass-to-metal technology is also available. Glass-to-metal seals work at high pressures and in high temp settings.

A hermetic feedthrough has well-engineered seal technology to keep the feedthrough protected. The bottom line is that hermetic feedthroughs need to deliver both isolation from electrical currents as well as hermeticity. Get a hermetic feedthrough to your applications in the present.