What Are the Traditional Methods of Irrigation? – Home Town Colorado

Most irrigation is needed for hot and dry days, but the least essential for rainy days. There are many sources of irrigation water. These include rivers and wells as dams and rivers.

The moat/pulley method can be used as alternative. By human effort, buckets are pulled away from the water source and spread out across fields. The distribution of the water can be uneven.

The chain pump is another method. Chain pumps attach buckets on the other end of the chain. The buckets are lowered into water sources via an incline wheel. After that, water drains into artificial canals.

The Dhekli is the third choice. Utilizing two logs and either human labor or a heavy load, buckets of water can be lifted and emptied into the irrigation system. The water that is not used is being wasted.

Rahat works by having people or cattle rotate wheels, a rod and a bucket. The wheel can then spin another wheel with several buckets. The buckets draw water from the river and then empty it into the irrigation system. 8yxoi28mp9.