What to Expect From a High Dose Vitamin C IV – Cycardio


It does not replace chemotherapy drugs but can be utilized in conjunction with them. Spark Health describes what you can expect from high dose vitamin C IV treatment.

Due to the efficacy and efficacy of administering intravenously vitamin C, it is ideal to administer the vitamin through the intravenous route. A person just cannot take enough pills to have exactly the same results. Patients with cancer already experience nausea and vomiting that is exacerbated due to high doses vitamin.

Individual circumstances determine the amount of IV treatment you need and how much vitamin C you require. Most commonly, treatment is given two or three times a each week for 50 to 100 grams for each dosage. An IV bag’s removal can last about one hour, so expect to sit during that time. Bring something to do, as there isn’t a television to watch in your treatment room.

There have been very some adverse reactions from the high dose of vitamin C used in clinical trials. People suffering from cancer that have either kidney or hemochromatosis disorders should be consulted by their physician before starting the treatment.