The Basics of Using Insulation – Las Vegas Home

How to select and install the highest quality insulation for your home

To determine the insulation’s quality The most common measurement that professionals use is R-value. If the insulation keeps cold air out and warm air inside during winter, or vice versa, during summers, it will have an R-value that is high. In general, good insulation should hover around an R-value of 3.5-4.5.

A vapor barrier, also known as vapor retarder is another aspect of insulation. For areas which are cold the majority of the year, the vapor barrier will be put in the inner of the insulation in your home. The vapor barrier is put on the exterior of insulation in warm areas. Warm air wants to go to colder regions The vapor barrier will stop it from happening.

There are many regions of the US that don’t have constant cold and warm weather. They experience cold winters but mild summers. This is why it is a vapor retarder that is often used. It can be used in either direction to heat radiate from the outside, or within the home.

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