Steps to Expect When Transitioning an Orthodontic Practice – This Week Magazine

While it might seem easy yet, it’s actually quite costly if you don’t plan carefully. Dental practice changes occur where an existing dental practice employs dentists who are expected to take existing patients along with their. These changes can be complex and take a great deal of planning. If one plans to retire or to add an additional dentist on the premises, making a easy transition is important.

For a successful transition, both the existing and new practice’s patients should be at ease. It is important to maintain as well as establish new relationships with personnel from the previous practice and new ones. There are various types of transitioning. They include when a new purchaser purchases a complete practice, or when two practices have merged, or associates purchase a portion of an existing practice. No matter what the situation the final result should look and feel as though it is made up of two elements.

Some of the most common errors made when making the transition to a new orthodontic practice are making the decision to sell a business without having done enough research, ignoring the associated trial period and not communicating with your existing patients, and not making significant changes during the process of transition. uwilsb72ze.