How NOT to Hire Your HVAC Contractor –

Have you stopped receiving calls If you’re not getting your calls back, or you’re running behind at work, there are a few actions you can take.

Contact the contractor first. Do it in any way that you’re able. It is possible to make calls several times a day, or call another number, or appear in the office. You should then speak up and inform them that you would like be able to hold a conference to discuss the next steps and how they should proceed. Then, you should receive a written acknowledgement with a time stamp. You should stop paying any further money to contractors in the wake of this.

You will need to review the scope of work and begin discussions with the contractor prior to make contact with them. You must decide whether you want to end your relationship with the contractor or continue with this project. It is important that you’re contacted by the contractor every day he plans to visit your home to do any work. The entire process should be put into writing and agreed to by both parties.

Make sure to never be able to pay the contractor fully prior to the completion of work, or you risk losing the money you invested due to shoddy work or an untrustworthy contractor. gsqr5lxx19.