Water Heater Maintenance Sediment Flushing – Home Improvement Videos

It is normal for water to warm up once it is hot. It’s an enticing idea. Perhaps it’s only after things go wrong that you begin to realize the importance of your water heater. A regular maintenance schedule is vital to prevent problems from happening. A common routine that you complete is flushing your heater to remove debris. In this video we will explain the flushing process for your water heater and how you can carry it out yourself or engage technicians to complete it for you.

The water heater should be flushed once per each year. The process of flushing your heater can improve the efficiency of your tank, regardless of whether there is sediment creating a problem. Before you attempt this, make sure that you shut off the heating and also take additional precautions to switch items off. Locate the drain spigot in your tank, and connect to it a water hose. Turn on a faucet somewhere within your home, you can then start the flushing. s6adpgk1xi.