The Best Teeth Whitening Method – Metro Dental Care

o improve your smile. This is the procedure that you can follow at a dentist’s office during your teeth whitening procedure.

In the beginning, a mould will be taken of your tooth. This is done to ensure that all the contours of your teeth will be altered by the whitening agent. After that, a frame made of plastic is created using this mold and the whitening gel will be applied to the frame. Depending on the desired result, you will put on the whitening mold for different amounts of time. The longer you keep it on for, the better your teeth can be.

The strength of the bleaching process will also depend on the patient’s age, drinking habits and eating habits of the patient. The teeth and gums may feel a bit sensitive during the days following the treatment due to the chemical used, however they should be gone in the span of a week. The final color is expected to appear after the time.

Check out this video to find out more about the benefits of teeth whitening. Speak to your dentist now about having this procedure performed for you smile.