The Benefits of Staying Hydrated – Health and Fitness Tips

It’s vital to almost every aspect of your overall health. This is why staying healthy and hydrated is vital. You can drink tap or bottle water. It’s important to be sure you’re drinking sufficient amounts of water per daily. There is a range of 11-16 cups of water per the day. This video will explain the health benefits of water.

The first benefit that drinking drinking water has is the fact that itlubricates joints. The joints contain 80% water. This means that your joints will be less painful and will be less likely become injured. On the other hand dehydration may cause joint pain and discomfort due to a decreased shock-absorption.

It is also essential for making saliva and mucus. This is crucial for digestion and keeping the nose, mouth and eyes hydrated. Furthermore, it keeps your mouth healthy and prevents tooth decay when it is used instead of drinks that contain sugar.

Hydration can be beneficial to the health and beauty of your skin. Hydration can actually make your skin less prone to wrinkles. It also serves as a cushion spinal chord, brain, as well as other tissues.