What Layer 3 of the OSI Model Is – PC Patching


L3 Layer L3 layer is responsible for the exchange of data between nodes. This layer facilitates the transmission of information between technological devices via the internet, using the internet protocol (IP). It manages the delivery of information.

You may have problems accessing the internet or loading the pages correctly. Sometimes, you will need to reach out to the internet service provider you use or an expert in IT who specialises in L3 networking issues in order to fix your internet connection to its optimal performance.

This video offers a wonderful beginning to understand the OSI layer 3 model. The host demonstrates how you can see information about your IP address and your connection with the Internet. He also illustrates how the protocols used by the L3 network help keep different devices active and operational.

Watch the video or speak with an IT specialist to find out more regarding how to use the OSI model. This can help you know how your computer communicates with the internet and other devices. You might be amazed by the connection options available to you.