Refurbishing Hospital Beds in a Factory – Greg’s Health Journal

The best intentions and the highest quality rehabilitation programs could be affected due to bed sores. If the patient isn’t at ease in their bed, their health will suffer. Refurbished hospital beds are crucial. The beds in hospital can be painful or damaged because they’re used frequently. In this short video you’ll learn about how to restore these beds to a new condition so hospitals can continue make use of them, without jeopardizing the health of their patients. This is while saving funds by not having to purchase brand new beds.

The video will go over the procedure of refurbishing. First, the factory must remove all electronic components from the bed before it’s given to them. The bed is restored hydraulically, and then thoroughly cleaned. For the sake of safety for patients The rails will be adorned with fresh paint and new stickers. After that, the assembly process will take place. It’s difficult to differentiate the bed from the new one. 5bcy1xl5pi.