How to Properly Wear Surgical Face Masks – Health and Fitness Tips

It’s essential to properly wear your mask when it comes to flu season. Below are some guidelines that will help ensure you properly wear your mask when out and about.
In the first place, it’s essential to cover your nose and mouth whenever you are wearing a face mask. Ideally, the surgical mask should have a tiny bridge made of steel near the nose which can be adjusted so that it remains securely in place. To that end, you should also make sure that your mask fits perfectly on your face. There should be no gaps between the bottom, sides and top of the mask. The gaps can allow bacteria or particulate to escape and increase the chance of contracting disease.
A second thing you should keep in mind is take your mask off in order to make sure it covers the entirety of your face. You should stretch the little pleats on your mask. This is a sign that the mask is fitted correctly and is protecting you in the way it is supposed to. ulq6knz4qk.