How to Prepare for Your Probate Attorney Consultations –

A consultation with a probate lawyer could be beneficial.

To begin, you must determine whether your loved ones is the beneficiary in a will. It is important to take the will with you on your first visit to an attorney, if it does. This will speed up probate , by clearly stating where assets are to go. Probating the estate of a deceased person without a will would be much more difficult.

The next step is to create a full inventory of any assets that which you’re able identify. It can take time to find all assets within the estate. If you’re not sure of your possessions it is important to bring documents to show where the items are kept. Think about retirement accounts, banking accounts, and important items like vehicles and real estate. Also, you may want to have copies of the wills of any other relatives who died recently, and have passed assets in the will of the decedent. They will help the lawyer to find other assets in the estate.