Mistakes to Avoid When Parking Lot Striping – JeepBastard.com

If you want your project to be a huge successful, it is essential to precisely calibrate your machine and select the right spray nozzle as well as the right paint. Also, ensure the paint is the right quality and viscosity. Also, keep an eye on your speed of walking and how fast you walk as you spray the pavement.
When the paint has gone down It could take the time and effort trying to remove the paint to fix any error. Incorrect adjustment of tire pressure is among the biggest mistakes. The strip will be bumpy when you apply too much pressure on the front caster.
You may think this is an issue that is minor until tiny cracks begin to grow into dips and potholes that ruin your pavement. One of the keys to getting the pressure of your tires to 50 percent is keeping it at a low level. zl8lnvqoki.