4 Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Fluid – Car Talk Credits

t your car requires transmission fluid.

The transmission could be suffering from a leak if you see the appearance of a small pool or patches of red or brown liquid under the car. A damaged seal, defective drain plug or the pan of your gearbox might be the culprit behind the leak.

If your car’s transmission fluid is low, you will encounter a minor delay when changing gears to drive or reverse. Insufficient transmission fluid pressure can result in problems during the initial shift of gears.

If the fluid in your transmission is infected by dirt and other contaminants, the vehicle reacts very slowly. If that happens, changing your gears will force your car gears to move in a slow or erratic manner as you drive.

If you aren’t carrying an adequate amount of fluid for your transmission, it may begin to get overheated fast, due to the higher friction as moving parts rub one another. Fluid that is damaged by fire can release a strong aroma and may even emit smoke out of the space that surrounds the. ut8v7dahsi.