A Simple Overview of the Cremation Process – Media Content Lab


Understanding how it works can help reduce stress for family members. The video demonstrates how cremations help both people and communities.

1. The casket’s operator takes off its handles made of metal so that they do not interfere with the cremation chamber’s machinery.
2. The operator raises the lift for the casket to position the casket onto the table for loading.
3. Once the chamber for cremation is in good condition to hold the casket, a family member or the operator starts the process by pressing an button.
4. The push button allows the cremator’s door to be opened. The chamber has been pre-heated to 800 ° Celsius The casket will be gently placed in.
5. A computerized system manages the process and ensures optimum combustion and a thermostatically controlled temperature of 800 ° C.
6. Once the cremation has been completed, the system will inform the operator. The cremation operator takes the remains to the cremulator. It takes away any metal components. They are then ground into an extremely fine Sand.
7. Following the funeral, the ashes are transferred into an urn and passed to family members.

Individual and communal cremations are carried out for humans and pets. Before you begin with cremation it is crucial to fully understand what this process entails.